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Tax consultancy in Kamen

As tax advisory services we prepare your private tax returns. We prepare your income statement or your commercial and tax balance sheets as well as your business tax returns. We take care of the preparation, monitoring and handling of company audits. In addition, we support you in opposition and legal action proceedings.

Managing director and tax consultant

Christian Walczak

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As competent partners around:

  • Taxes
  • Accounting
  • business consulting

we offer you a wide range of services – from the handling of day-to-day business to creative tax consulting.

Our goal
it is,

To provide you with the best possible support for your tax obligations. In doing so, we pay particular attention to reducing your tax burden. Through our personal support, you as our client will receive the desired information quickly and directly.

In addition, through competent cooperation partners from the fields of auditing, law, finance and insurance, we are also able to solve special tasks.

Latest tax news from our office

Garage and parking space costs

In addition to the costs for a parking facility at the place of residence, employees, in particular…

Magazine excerpt 21/2023
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Adiuvat Steuerberatung mbH in Kamen, die Steuerberater Ihres Vertrauens.

Germany ticket

Employer allowances for travel between home and first place of work…

Magazine extract 20/2023
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Adiuvat Steuerberatung in Kamen, die Steuerberater Ihres Vertrauens.


The Annual Tax Act 2022 amended the regulations on the home office and the home office lump sum…

Magazine extract 19/2023
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Tax reduction

Since 2020, tax reductions can be claimed for energy measures on older buildings used for own residential purposes.

Magazine extract 18/2023
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Winnings – poker games

Winnings from games of chance are generally subject neither to income tax nor to value-added tax.

However, for poker games this general assumption regarding income and trade tax does not apply…

Magazine extract 17/2023
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Exclusive celebrations

The managing director organizing the event applied for the deduction of the total costs of approximately 100,000 euros as income-related expenses.

When assessing whether deductible income-related expenses exist, factors such as the occasion of the celebration, the organizer, the inviter…

Magazine extract 16/2023
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Home emergency call system

In the case of expenses for the use of household-related services, a tax reduction can be claimed under certain conditions.

In this context, household-related services are understood to be services that are sufficiently close to household management or are related to it….

Magazine extract 15/2023
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Gains remain tax-free only if the total gains from private sales transactions achieved in a calendar year amount to less than 600 euros.

Losses can only be offset against gains from private sales transactions of the same year or within the framework of the loss carryback or carryforward to reduce tax…

Magazine extract 14/2023
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Garden remodeling

According to the court, the garden conversion does not concern the illness- or disability-related design of the living environment necessary for existence, but was caused by freely chosen leisure or consumer behavior…

Magazine extract 13/2023
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If the home office is not the center of the entire professional activity or if a home office is not available, a tax consideration of the expenses for the business or professional activity in the home is…

Magazine extract 02/2023
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