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Steuertipps der Steuerberatung Adiuvat in Kamen als Steuermagazin des Steuerberaters Christian Walczak
Zur Demoversion - Adiuvat Steuertalk - klicken...
Adiuvat - der Weg in die Zukunft

Adiuvat – Tax talk

We are the future – come with us – tax consulting of the latest generation!

We offer you in the future and additionally a completely location and time-independent tax consultancy. This service is made possible by AMBYLON’s digital platform.
All you need is a browser-enabled device and Internet access.
Our project development is already in the final phase and the system launch is imminent. We would like to take you on our journey into the future to offer you an even better service of a new kind.

Digital and innovative!

Thanks to intuitive apps, you can even use this platform on the go from anywhere in the world. Simple, discreet, secure and this from German servers.

We’ll soon be talking in a 2D or 3D virtual environment!

The 3D version is groundbreaking. Here you can even move freely and virtually with your customizable avatar. They are networked in real time and thus your tax questions are answered immediately and competently.
As a small example, just watch the short movie to get a little insight. To do this, please simply click on the post image. The current program version is already quite a bit more advanced, but this clip is enough to get a good overview.

Guaranteed you are now curious and have more questions?

We would be happy to inform you about the current status of our project and how you can find your way into our virtual world. Call us or check our website regularly.

What is AMBYLON?

You can find more information about our project, how it works exactly and what other opportunities are available to you directly on the AMBYLON website.

Chancery move

We have relocated our office and are now located in Kamen. You can now easily find us at Schloß Heeren. Directly in the courtyard entrance, in the archway, door on the left.


  • Take the B1 in the direction of Kassel/A44/Bremen/Cologne
  • Follow A1 in the direction of Bremen/Hannover
  • Take exit 83 Kamen Zentrum in the direction of Kamen-Zentrum/Unna-Köingsborn
  • Left turn on B233
  • After 1 km turn right onto Henry-Everling-Strasse
  • Then turn right onto Heerener Strasse
  • After 3 km turn left onto Heerener Strasse 177 (church)
  • Parking in the tree alley

Planning completed

The planning for the move to Kamen is finished, next weekend will be the time. We are looking forward to the new location with this great ambience.

More information about the location can be found here: Website of the Castle Heeren.

Wherever you are

We solve your most difficult and complex tax problems

F(requently) A(sked) Q(uestions)

Costs for tax advice are deductible as income-related expenses or business expenses if they are incurred for the purpose of determining your income, i.e. if they are professionally related. You cannot deduct privately incurred tax consulting costs from your taxes.

Not in principle. If you make your tax return voluntarily, you can decide each year anew whether the income tax return is worthwhile for you or not. You don’t slide into liability just because you started voluntarily declaring your taxes once.

Important to know: the authority may only query the so-called master data, but not account movements or account balances (Section 93 (7) AO). If the query is made in the context of criminal tax proceedings, the tax authorities’ duty to provide information is not given in this way (Section 24c para. 3 No.21) 12.2010)).

But the tax authorities usually want to go even further back and use a trick: The failure to file a tax return is, in fact, always tax evasion, or at least reckless tax evasion. And then the assessment period can be extended to five or even ten years. (

The tax office has several ways of checking a landlord’s rental income. Since real estate purchases are notarized in Germany, tax offices receive information about this. The tax office may also become aware of the landlord through the tenant’s tax return. (
For real estate, there is the property tax, which is due annually. It is determined by the municipalities themselves. When buying a property, a real estate transfer tax is payable, which is determined individually by each federal state. In addition, the speculation tax and the inheritance tax also relate to real estate.
Of course, you can change the tax advisor in the current year. However, you should always make sure that the timing is sensible. Your old tax advisor may charge a partial fee for the work you have started.
As a rule of thumb, the less expertise or interest you have in tax matters, and the more complex your tax case, the more likely it is to pay to see a tax advisor.